Burson Audio adopte INERTA !


le 16/04/2021
Hi Michel,
It’s good to hear from you and apologise for the delay in reply.
Second and most importantly, your INERTA plate with glass marble joints is very impressive.  The soundstage of our newly developed Timekeeper 3i never sounded better. : ) We can hear the difference with both the Audeze LCD4 headphones and also through loud speakers.  It’s almost like upgrading the power supply or changing the jitter clock to the Femto clock. : )
Thank you again for this wonderful experience.
Best regards,
le 30/04/2021
Hi Michel,
These new photos look very sexy!  I think you will have a lot of success with these wonderful products.
I have tried your new Inerta “Sleeve” and yes, it is very impressive.  It brings out more colour and micro details in the music. : ) Congratulations.
Apologise too for the slow reply.  I have been away from work for personal leaves and we are also planning to launch the new Timekeeper 3i in the next few days, hence it is very chaotic in Burson right now. : )
Best regards,

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